United Kingdom Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (UK-ABCB) is a Nonprofit, Independent, Sovereign and Impartial Accreditation Board that has been providing accreditation services to certification bodies globally since 1999 in the field of Management System Certification, Person Certification, Testing, Inspection and Calibration Services.

UK-ABCB accredits an extensive range of certification bodies in each industry and approximately every sector of businesses. Our accreditation programs are based on internationally recognized standards that ensure domestic as well as international acceptance of its accreditations.

UK-ABCB is an organization which is independent of Government, and operates under a Memorandum of Understanding and the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the certification bodies. UK-ABCB’s expertise and professional status within the world of accreditation is supported by the specialist knowledge of its independent technical assessors from the reputed organizations with an overall aim of providing the highest level of service, where UK-ABCB strives to make continuous improvements within the areas of accreditation, certification, testing and inspection.

UK-ABCB is promoted by various industry professionals and technical experts who are member of reputed organizations, some of those organizations are American Society for Quality (ASQ), Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), International Quality Federation (IQF), Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI), Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA), The KPI Institute (TKI), Business Continuity Institute, EC-Council, etc.

UK-ABCB have no personal relationship with any certification body in the world as well as there are no common links via shareholding or directorships either personal or corporate. All accredited certification bodies are independent trading entity with no commercial ties with UK-ABCB other than the contractual obligation to maintain accredited status.

Accreditation by UK-ABCB demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of accredited certification bodies.

UK-ABCB Structure

Governing Boards & Committees

Governing Board

Our Governing Board lies at the top which has sole authority over the rights and responsibilities of UK-ABCB. This includes authority over the conduct of the Technical Advisory Committee and the Accreditation Review Committee. Maximum five Members of the Governing Board are appointed by the voting selection method by all the members of UK-ABCB in an annual meeting.The Governing Board appoints the members of the Technical Advisory Committee and Accreditation Review Committee.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee represents UK-ABCB stakeholders and ensures that all the activities of UK-ABCB are impartial and transparent. It advises the Governing Board on matters relating to UK-ABCB, including the Accreditation Review Committee. The Technical Advisory Committee ensures that technical experts and stakeholders are involved in developing accreditation programs in a defined way.

Accreditation Review Committee

The Accreditation Review Committee is a group of technical and management system experts responsible for considering and making accreditation decisions and making recommendations on these matters to the Governing Board. This includes granting, maintaining, reducing, extending, reviewing, suspending and withdrawing accreditation.